Guess Ojay have to hold it down for Gucci Mane on more time!

He just need to come up with some new music and quit recycling everything. Not really a fan of his, but AH, or whatever he be saying. Hopefully this time when he touring, The House of Blues in New York will not be on his list. Here is his latest addition, you send me the reviews I am passing on this one.

DJ 4Sho & OJ Da Juiceman - Stoopid Fruity Swag Vol 2


Christmas is finally over

Yeah is all I have to say. Preparing for the new year, bigger, better and more positive things.


Why did this have to Happen so close to my vacation time!

From the Gleaner headline!

"Plane crash! - Passengers hurt as US airliner goes careening out of Kingston airport"

I was up late last night watching the Larry King show for some strange reason, then a news bulletin flash across the screen, plane crashes at Kingston's Norman Manley Airport. I was like what the hell. My Vacation starts January 15th, and this happens. I wanted to go for Christmas, but since Buju, dont look like he will be performing at sting due to some legal issues. I pushed it back for a later date. My daughters Earth day. Now the crazy twist to this is, I am heading to Portland, JA. I look online at the Gleaner and in the news to find more information on the plane crash and I see a bus runs into the river near Buff bay or heading to Buff Bay, I am like damn. Are they trying to tell me something. "YES", I am going to see my daughter by the hook or by the crook.
more links to crash by Go Jamaica.

DJ Trends - Back In I Days Vol 2

Reggae mix for this week. Took it back a little.

LINK: http://www.mixtapetorrent.com/dj-trends-back-in-i-days-vol-2


Block Ent & DJ Bobby Black Present Supplya - Heroin Music

Who is this guy!
I thought the dope music days was over, then I saw this unknown and was like I guess not! I will give you the link and let you write the reviews. Link: http://www.mixtapetorrent.com/block-ent-dj-bobby-black-supplya-heroin-music
  And Drama co-signed for him as well! With so much to do during these holy days. I will leave it up to you!

Link: http://www.mixtapetorrent.com/dj-drama-supplya-word-on-da-street

Clifford Home some what.

T.I was release from a Federal Prison in Arkansas, today. We going to see what Grand Hustle is up to because, the little time he was gone, seems his label went to shambles. His artist went haywire, some went to jail some jumped ship. Cocktail bombs outside his studio, was the only thing you really heard from him. Beside that Gawd awful show Tiny was on. Don't know about its rating or anything but I watch the pilot show, and it was like dragging your nails, down the chalk board to me. I hear his daughter, Lil Wayne daughter and some more jitter bugs trying to start a group. I heard the recording online and was like, if both their dads have studio, why did the song sound like it was recorded on one of the old school tape recorders from the 80"s. Welcome home Clifford, hope you smart enough to send someone else to do your durty werk now. I know you heard Gucci and Jeezy have squashed their differences. Guess you can read my mind about the rest.


DJ Black Bill Gates & Stat Quo - The Status Report

Was trying to figure out what happen to Stat Quo, did he get lost out in Cali messing with Dre, who knows. I will say this, as long as you been gone and with out a hit in a minute. You better step your game up. Or you will go away just like Thomasville P.J.s"

Link: DJ Black Bill Gates & Stat Quo - The Status Report

Have not post the Reggae danchall section of the week in a while.

Coming from one of my better sounds outside of Jamaica, check them here. www.myspace.com/immortalvybzsound

Now is this some B.S or what!

Now where in the article according to "Yardflex", Buju present when coke was being dealt. Tampa you trying to rail road mi ting, I have tickets for Sting 09, and I am not boarding that plane if Mark Myrie, is not present on that island.

By Gil Kaufman

The arrest of Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton on Thursday in Florida on conspiracy to possess and intent to distribute cocaine followed an investigation that sounds like an episode of the 1980s cop drama "Miami Vice.."

According to the Tampa Tribune, the arrest of one of the most controversial modern reggae acts to come from the island nation in the post-Bob Marley era began with a meeting last Tuesday at a Sarasota, Florida, restaurant called La Tropicana de Havana. It was there that Banton (born Mark Anthony Myrie) allegedly pulled up in a silver Land Rover with the license plate "JAH ONE" with another man named Ian Thomas and an unidentified woman and allegedly attempted to arrange to buy several kilos of cocaine.

Police recorded the meeting, and according to the criminal complaint, a confidential source told the singer to go to a warehouse under surveillance, where they met with an undercover Sarasota police officer who showed him and the woman a car that had 20 kilos of cocaine stashed in secret compartments. Banton and Thomas allegedly sampled the drugs and negotiated the price for a few hours, then left, only to return the next day after Thomas called the source and expressed interest in buying 15 kilos of the drug.

Another meeting took place Wednesday at an Applebee's restaurant in Sarasota, where Thomas allegedly told the source his group wanted to purchase 5 kilos and possibly more at a later time. He also reportedly said another member of his crew was in the parking lot with about $125,000 in cash.

By late afternoon, Thomas and the source left the restaurant and met with a man named James Mack, who was in the driver's seat of the car and who returned to the Applebee's to continue negotiating the deal, according to the criminal complaint.

On Thursday morning, Thomas and Mack allegedly drove back to the warehouse, where an undercover Sarasota officer saw Mack pull large amounts of cash from a hidden panel in the rear driver's side of the Honda. After inspecting the cash, the undercover officer gave a bag with 7 kilos of cocaine to Thomas and Mack. Officers then gave the signal to arrest the two, while Banton was simultaneously apprehended in Miami.

All three were charged with conspiracy to possess cocaine with intent to distribute and are being held with no bond. Grammy nominee Banton — whose recent U.S. tour was plagued by calls for protest from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, who decry the homophobic lyrics to his 1992 song "Boom Bye Bye" — is expected to appear in a Miami courtroom later this week. He faces up to 20 years in prison on the charges. A spokesperson for the singer could not be reached for comment at press time.


DJ Scream & Yung Ralph - The Juug Man (The Sequel)

Last time, I heard from Yung Ralph, his music had grown up a little since his first mixtape, and that DVD he put out give it a listen and tell me what you think.



Say it aint so, Buju deal the coke,and in lock-up

According to the Miami Herald, Buju is in custody for trying to deal coke. Me, I can't  really believe this, and think its the master plan of all the gays in South Florida that want to get rid of Buju all together. After listening to him for over 20 years, more gyal tune come to minds, before his transformation to Rastafarism, than him saying anything about dealing coke. A spliff or two, but neva di coke. So DEA whoever cut the B.S. and let him get back to work. Sting coming up soon and we need him there.
Article by Miami Herald.

The Miami Herald online had as its breaking news this morning the headline ‘Reggae artist faces drug charges in Miami; Controversial Jamaican reggae star in jail after arrest, with a picture of Buju Banton on the page.

According to the article, “Buju Banton, the Jamaican reggae star whose anti-gay lyrics have drawn international criticism, is in a federal lockup in Miami, facing drug conspiracy charges.”

The articles goes on to say that Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents say Banton, real name Mark Anthony Myrie, has been in custody since Thursday and will soon be transferred to Tampa, where the U.S. Attorney is charging him with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute more than five kilos of cocaine.

Banton, the story says, has homes both in Jamaica and Tamarac.

While legions of dancehall reggae enthusiasts view Banton as one of the most prolific voices of Jamaica's poor masses, critics say he's a gay basher whose lyrics incite violence by calling for attacking and torturing homosexuals. His song Boom Bye Bye, a dance-hall hit released in the 1990s, advocates shooting gays in the head and setting them on fire.

According to the writer, “As late as September, Banton's local management told The Miami Herald that the criticism of the star was unwarranted because he had stopped singing the song years ago.”

Still, such lyrics have made Banton one of the more controversial reggae artists, with angry gay activists this fall forcing the cancellation of a string of concerts by the artists during a U.S. tour that included a Halloween night concert in Miami.

Recently the firestorm ratched up after the Grammys announced that Baton's album Rasta Got Soul, released earlier this year, was up for an award.

Gay Men of African Descent and the National Black Justice Coalition joined with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation in a petition drive protesting the nomination.



Some contest for you up and coming artist

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Another Gucci to hold you down until his release

Guess I am back after another well deserved vacation and plan to hit you off with a new Gucci, The Rise and fall of Radric Davis. I hear and I know you have by now, that him and Jeezy squashed there beef, but according to track 16, on this addition lets see how long it will last.