I just got a myspace ffriend request from a artist name Feyvva and it hot! check it out for yourself, at http://www.myspace.com/feyvvapunkrocs tell me what you think and support her. She will be touring the west coast extinsivly the rest of this year maybe we can get her in  DA A for a show, next year. And check out the song (Hate Mail) on her myspace page! Blazin.

Here is another Souja boy release I told you about.

He said he would release 3 for Holloween, seems like he stuck to his word. However Repping the A or not, I can only manage to get through one of them!

DJ Woogie & DJ Neptune Present Souja Boy - Paranormal Activity

Vybz Kartel new tunes for October!

Vybz Kartel - Gaza Nuh Bore Tongue {OFFICIAL VIDEO} BOWNTY KILLA DISS OCT 2009


Vybz Kartel - True Me Say Go Go (Oct 2009)


Vybz Kartel - Yuh Love {OFFICIAL VIDEO} OCT 2009

Vybz Kartel - You Can't Say {OCT 2009} MADDDDDD

Vybz Kartel - Rich {Giants Riddim} OCT 2009 MADDDDDD

Hope you enjoy!

Gays still at it.

And some don't have a clue, they protesting in the blind!

Protesters Gathered Across Street From Buju Banton's Performance--But Was There Anything To It?

Reggae artist Buju Banton didn't realize "faggot" had become a bad word.

At least, that's the story according to friends and colleagues of the artist, who stood in front of Trincity/Palm Beach Club last night, watching the protesters rally across the street.

As we mentioned yesterday, protesters affiliated with various gay rights groups had prepared to protest the artist's appearance in Deep Ellum last night. And sure enough, dozens of people holding flags and signs stood behind police barricades and shouted over Main Street at the club during Banton's show.

"Attention Palm Beach Club!" said Daniel Cates, co-founder of Equality March Texas, as he lifted a loud speaker to his mouth. "By allowing Buju Banton to perform this evening, you are promoting the brutal execution of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. We will not stand for murder music in our community."

Leaning against the club's wall was Gramps Morgan, who was on tour with Banton as his opening act.

"Hear that?" said Morgan, in disbelief. "They're calling it murder music... You cannot call reggae music murder music."

The ugly truth? Many of the protesters hadn't listened to Buju Banton's music. They had only read about the inflammatory lyrics on various Web sites--and they believed them.

"I don't listen to his music," said Lividia Violette, 24.

Another activist, Rick Vanderslice, said he had only read about the lyrics online on a gay rights activist site. "I've not listened to them, but seen them in print."

And finally, Blake Wilkinson of Queer LiberAction, said he also read about on-line: "The lyrics come from news sources which I thought were reputable," said Wilkinson.
Back across the street, Morgan waved off the protest.

"They have no idea what they're protesting about," he said. "They just got news because they're united. It shows you how powerful unity can be. They got news from their heads and they're just rolling with it."

But several news sites were quoting Banton as telling a Jamaican newspaper that "the war between me and the faggot" seemed far from over. Morgan didn't deny that Banton had indeed said that--just that the meaning of his words had been twisted.

In San Francisco, Banton had met with the gay community. Both sides had agreed to bridge the culminating divide. However, later that evening, protestors showed up to Banton's performance regardless. And that's when Banton commented about the continuing war.

The use of the derogatory term, however, was harder to explain. The group outside of the club, mostly from the Caribbean, admitted that Jamaica was more or less a "homophobic island."

In fact, during a conversation with the evening's DJ, the word came up again. When asked why he chose to use the term, the man seemed confused.

"So, they are not?" said the DJ. "Oh, I didn't know faggot was bad ... In Jamaica it's norm. Here, I didn't know it's offensive to them."

And this is the same explanation Morgan gave for his touring partner Banton.

"[Banton] had a meeting with his manager and some other people and he was educated about the word," said Morgan. "He said, 'I didn't know it offended them.'"

Federal gov't OKs medical marijuana. First step toward legalization?

With the Feds easing up on Marijuana, do you we think we can stop a new epidemic. The Teenagers these days can't do anything with out wanting to be high, as they say (firing up a blunt)! The way the economy has been going, they make any attempts to get it. Breaking in houses, stealing cars, robbing and running out the mall with clothes, aka blue jean bandits. Is the weed making them the new junkies, like crack was in the early 90's. You tell me!
check the article below.
FROM CNN's Jack Cafferty:
Public support for legalizing marijuana is at an all-time high - no pun intended.
And coincidentally, the Obama administration is easing up on the use of medical marijuana. The Justice Department now says pot-smoking patients and their authorized suppliers shouldn't be targeted for federal prosecution in states that allow the drug for medicinal purposes.
Officials say it's not a good use of prosecutors' time... Although they say agents should pursue marijuana cases that involve violence, the illegal use of firearms, selling pot to minors, money laundering or other crimes.
Supporters say marijuana helps treat chronic pain, nausea and other illnesses... while critics say this move is a step backward in the fight against Mexican drug cartels.
14 states currently allow some use of marijuana for medical reasons. California is especially known for having pot shops everywhere.
A new Gallup poll shows support for legalizing marijuana has shot up in the last few years to 44 percent. 54 percent are opposed. Support for legalizing weed had been fixed at around 25 percent from the late 70s through the mid-90s.
Liberals and younger people are more likely to favor decriminalizing pot... no surprise there... while conservatives and seniors are more likely to be against it.
Gallup suggests that if public support continues growing at the same rate - the majority of Americans could favor legalizing the drug in the next few years. California voters may get to weigh in next year with a ballot initiative to legalize and tax marijuana as a revenue source.
Here’s my question to you:The federal government OKs medical marijuana. Is it the first step toward legalization?
Interested to know which ones made it on air?

Robert in Eugene, Oregon
Yes, it most certainly is, and it's about time. If there's one thing Mexican drug cartels fear, it's legalization of the drugs they're selling. Millions of Americans are already using marijuana on a regular basis, whether legally for medical purposes or illegally for leisure purposes. Why not take the money out of the hands of Mexican drug cartels and put it into the hands of the U.S. taxpayer?
Paul writes:
I have absolutely no problem with marijuana being used for medical purposes. But many people out there undoubtedly would like to abuse this right, so the distribution of medical marijuana needs to be strictly controlled.
Bert from Denver writes:
We can only hope; this is truly change we can believe in.
Kyle from Greensboro, North Carolina writes:
Medical marijuana… brilliant strategy, really. How in the world will anyone be able to oppose healthy people using marijuana after sick people have used it for years without incident? The slippery slope is in sight, folks.
Michelle from Canada writes:
One can only hope. My husband is a paramedic, we have friends and family who are police, and they all say the same thing: they've never gone to an assault caused by pot, alcohol but never pot. Pot is not addictive, has very little side-effects, and contrary to popular belief is not a lead in drug to hard drugs. If that were the case, half of Canada would be addicted to heroin.
Patrick writes:
Let's hope so. I don't inhale personally, but I can certainly see the myriad benefits of legalizing, regulating and taxing the hell out of marijuana. In one fell-swoop, you'd flood government coffers, reduce violent and petty crime and massively increase revenue for Frito-Lay. I say: smoke 'em if you've got 'em!

Game Feat Gucci Mane - Krazy (Prod. By Timbaland)

Gucci just did a song with 50 Cent now he has this one with the Game!

Link: http://www.mixtapetorrent.com/game-feat-gucci-mane-krazy


On the Web, Amateurs Rivaling Professionals

This is the age of the amafessional, when amateurs are rivaling professionals in opportunity, talent and the ability to produce quality work. It's happening in virtually every field. In areas ranging from communications to medicine to simply making things with your hands, amafessionals are gaining in numbers and the ability to market their services.
Struggling amateurs used to want to become stars, and of course some still do, but this new phenomenon is different. Millions are participating just for the fun and challenge of it–-almost like running in a marathon. "Amafessionals" include both the amateur/professional hybrid and pajama professionals, who often work at home rather than the studio or the office.
The last time we looked at blogging industry sources pointed to 452,000 bloggers who received primary pay for their services. But those sources also indicated that there was a universe of 20 million total bloggers – most doing it totally for the joy of it, with no compensation at all.
Without a doubt, these 20 million bloggers have shaken the profession of journalism to its core, especially with the rise of all-online publications. Their collective power and influence was recently recognized in the publication of FTC rules governing their behavior, adding in effect a set of standards to be followed by the amateurs.
recent op-ed in the New York Times lamented that the "shuttering of Gourmet [magazine] reminds us that in a click-or-die advertising marketplace, one ruled by a million instant pundits, where an anonymous Twitter comment might be seen to pack more resonance and useful content than an article that reflects a lifetime of experience, experts are not created from the top down but from the bottom up."
But blogging is just the tip of the amafessional iceberg. Etsy - a site where people sell what they make – has registered nearly 200,000 sellers, and sales more than doubled in a year, all from people making arts and crafts. Here you will find $35 art works, $10 hand-made gloves, and $5 earrings, most of which are made by amafessionals who for the first time can go to a broader marketplace with the goods they make but could never get to market before the Internet opened it up.
MySpace music is expanding as amafessional bands can place their content and their songs right next to the big names. Five million artists, bands and record labels have registered with the site – or about 15% of the total active music participants. Shows like "American Idol" troll amateur markets to find the next professionals. These new sites, by contrast, have more modest goals: allowing amateurs to place their creations online and be heard by their friends, family and small groups of fans.
The trends are similar in the publishing world. On-demand publishing has created new low-cost alternatives for people to get their manuscripts published. While big-name houses are always looking for that next Julia Child or J.K. Rowling – amateurs who cross over and become bestselling authors- now, many others can enter the marketplace by getting their books self-published for lower and lower investments. In 2008, nearly 480,000 books were published or distributed in the United States, up from close to 375,000 in 2007. In 2008, Author Solutions, which is based in Bloomington, Ind., and operates iUniverse as well as other print-on-demand imprints including AuthorHouse and Wordclay, published 13,000 titles, up 12 percent from the previous year. On-demand publisher Lulu.com has churned out 236,000 paperbacks since it opened in 2002.
With the growing interest in e-readers, amateur publishing can become as powerful as blogging. No presses are required for purely electronic publishing, and over time, this new distribution system will have as-yet-unknown effects on the traditional publishing world. One of the most successful direct-to-consumer books actually came out years ago: "Chicken Soup for the Soul"sold over 2 million copies from its self-published origins in 1993 while the tools for all this were still in their infancy.
Similarly, advertising faces some of the same pressures from the amafessionals, as low-cost programs give consumers an increasing ability to turn out professional-looking material at costs a fraction of what they were. Vice President Al Gore, in his 2000 presidential race, was perhaps the first to send video cameras to people to make their own ads on his behalf. Not much was usable then, but that is changing, as companies hold broader contests for content.
No profession these days is immune from this trend. One of the microtrends I identified two years ago was the DIYD. or do-it-yourself doctor, who arrives at the doctor's office complete with the diagnosis and list of drugs that need to be prescribed. With the increase in drugs being released over the counter, and the growth of Internet pharmacies where you relay your symptoms over the Internet, more and more people are becoming DIYDs and simply buying what they think they need at the pharmacy.
Amafessionalism is no small movement. In marketplace after marketplace, these people are providing trained and working professionals with some very fair – and sometimes unfair – competition. They are upending traditional business models in everything from fashion to advertising. And they are giving outlets to the creative passions of millions, creating huge new web opportunities to those who want to sell tools to the amafessionals, who are uniquely willing to spend time and money on our passions. Every toy soldier painted in a hobbyist's garage now can have an Internet display case and potential home.
In recent years we've experienced the growth of the professional class as the nature of work and American aspirations have shifted. But now come the amafessionals, who could produce even greater growth.

Corrections & Amplifications:
Statistics by Technorati indicated there are about 20 million bloggers that blog -- mostly for leisure. A previous version of this article stated the number as 1.7 million.
With E. Kinney Zalesne


Introducing Nimbit MyStore

for Facebook
Nimbit MyStore™ for Facebook gives musicians, managers, and labels an easy way to sell and market music, merchandise and eTickets directly from the artist’s Facebook profile and pages.
  • Turn Facebook into a viral sales tool
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  • Build your fan base more quickly

Social Commerce Becomes Viral

Nimbit MyStore for Facebook takes full advantage of all the social networking capabilities of Facebook, giving artists powerful fan marketing and promotion capabilities. With Nimbit MyStore for Facebook artists can:
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Artists can install Nimbit MyStore for Facebook in minutes from within Facebook. In just a few simple steps, the artist’s catalog becomes available via a MyStore tab that appears on their Facebook profile and pages. All you need is a Nimbit account (if you don't have one get one here).
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With Nimbit MyStore for Facebook, artists can:

  • Sell everything, easily right from within Facebook
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  • Download cards
  • eTickets
  • Create custom packages based on fan buying behaviors
Nimbit MyStore accepts all major credit cards and Paypal and provides a single, secure checkout cart right from the artist’s Facebook page for all purchases.



While I am on Belize, let me tell you about my boy Ghozt, he will hold it down, in the U.S while Shyne is gone.
  Go to his myspace page! http://www.myspace.com/ghoztbloc ,and check out the joint with Sean Paul, thats what Shyne need to do once he head to JA. Here is the link to check and cop his songs off Amazon: I-10 West, 95 South by Ghozt ,  
Then here is him in, Hood Lovin, 

Maybe he will link me and pass a Bio so you can check him for yourself. He down in Duval repping that west coast as well!

Shyne On His Way To Belize, Since being Prison Release

I didn't want to show a sad picture of my boy heading home, so I gave you his vibe issue! I hear he headed to my place JA to continue his rap career, good looking. Hope you record you some dancehall tracks while you down there, and head over to August Town, and hang with Sizzla over at Judgement Yard since he got spirtual, while he did his time! Would you be looking sad if you was going here, I know like hell I want be.
Link: Davis Falls Belize, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPKtLs0RjPM&feature=related

one from the old school for us! Link:

I here he might also be signed to Black Wall street Records now, however I cant confirm it. 

Young Jeezy "Trap Or Die 2" at Club Dreamz in ATL

Young Jeezy "Trap Or Die 2" at Club Dreamz in ATL
Damn Jeezy finally came around and made a song I like so, I give you this performance of him at Club Dreamz

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEASsylt4bg

Triple C's- Erryday feat. Young Jeezy

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhNaeVd2L0c

I guess if he coming like this, I will be picking up, Thug Motivation 103

Throw Back ft Lil Meta - Fresh outta prison

Here is another one from ThrowBack and Waka Flocka ft Rich Kids and Papoose!

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vdh9SmzXbyQ&feature=related

Waka Flocka Flame - Throwin Fingers Ft. Rich Kid Shawty & Papoose

(Waka Flocka Diss)

Apparently there is some internal problems inside Gucci Mane's brick squad camp between 2 members, Throwback and new So Icey Star Waka Flocka.. Waka said some things about Throwback on his latest mixtape Lebron Flocka James in the song "1 verse"..This is Throwback's response titled "Flunkie" 

DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Scream And Soulja Boy - Cortez


Daily ASCAP brief.

The ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO is Your Event 

April 22-24, 2010 in Los Angeles

April 22-24, 2010 in Los Angeles

-- The world doesn't need more music. It needs more great music. If you have lyrics in your head, melodies in your heart and rhythm in your soul, then music is your life.

But before you can make it a career, you need to master your craft. The ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO puts you face to face with some of the world's most successful songwriters, composers and producers, all who willingly share their knowledge and expertise and give you the know-how to take your music to the next level.

Register Early, Pay Less! Early Bird Registration starts November 2. Early Bird registration price is just $235 for ASCAP Members, $260 for Partner Members and $285 for others.

And Save Even More! Follow the ASCAP EXPO on Twitter for a Special Pre-Launch Sale link, up to the minute announcements and other exclusive info available only on twitter.com/ascapexpo. The special 3-day sale from October 30th through November 1st will be offered via the EXPO Twitter account and it will have lowest price of the year - $225 for ASCAP Members and $250 for others.

Visit the 2010 EXPO website

The 2010 EXPO Will Feature Everything You Love About EXPO Plus Even More:
  • Celebrity Q & A's
  • Master Classes
  • Songwriting & Composing Workshops
  • Attendee Song Feedback Panels
  • Networking Opportunities
  • State-of-the-Art Tech Demos
  • Leading Music Industry Exhibitors
  • Publisher & Business Panels
  • One-On-One Sessions
  • DIY Career Building Workshops
  • Showcases and Performances

ASCAP's fifth annual "I Create Music" EXPO will take place at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel, April 22-24, 20010. 

"When music is your life you need all the contacts, resources and guidance you can get to make it a career in today's world. But first and foremost music creators need to master their craft. The EXPO provides a unique environment for songwriters, composers and producers to learn from the best in the business on how to improve their art. The energy and inspiration generated by our community coming together in this way is remarkable, and is one of the reasons why the EXPO continues to be so successful." - ASCAP President and Chairman Paul Williams.

This ASCAP EXPO email notification was sent by

BBOYWORLD EVOLUTION Dec 4-5-6, 2009 Atlanta

BBoy convention will be held in Atlanta, December, 4,5 and 6th. So all my Breakers and real hip hop lover make sure you show up in your shelltoes.


This Ticket will give you access on 4-5-6 December
print paypal receipt and bring to the event with ID card

Link for info: http://www.bboyworld.com


Dancehall Reggae Selection for this week

 Supa Sting - Fresh From Yard Dancehall Mix Vol 2 

The Link: http://mixtapetorrent.com/supa-sting-fresh-from-yard-dancehall-mix-2

Play list.  

(01)-Chi Ching - Intro
(02)-Twins Of Twins - Bait Mi Up
(03)-Twins Of Twins - Which Dodus
(04)-Flippa Mafia - Nah Beg Nuh Friend
(05)-D Angel - My Life
(06)-Voicemail Ft. Assassin - Skip To My Lou
(07)-Assassin - Gal Dem Mi Say
(08)-Flex - Money
(09)-Mavado - Give Her Everything
(10)-Blak Rhino - Undercover Lover
(11)-Lisa Hype Ft. Gaza Kim - Mama Dont Preach
(12)-Vybz Kartel - Mother-In-Law
(13)-Flex - Gullyside College
(14)-Munga - My Own
(15)-Vegas - Run Weh
(16)-Flippa Mafia - Doh Car Fi Dem
(17)-Serani - Love In My Heart
(18)-Chase Cross - Survivor
(19)-Bugle - Read A Pslams
(20)-Mavado - Fall Rain Fall
(21)-Elephant Man - Do It Nuh
(22)-Flippa Mafia - Extra (Elephant Man Diss)
(23)-Merciless - Letter
(24)-Black Rhino Ft. Ja Vinci - Feel A Way
(25)-Lutan Fyah - Nuh Fraid
(26)-Flippa Mafia - The Gal Dem
(27)-Sean Storm - Really Like
(28)-Popcorn - No Ordinary
(29)-Gaza Kim - Amen
(30)-Vybz Kartel - Nah Let Go
(31)-Vybz Kartel Ft. Sheeba - Do Mi That
(32)-Busy Signal - Nuh Guh Round Mi
(33)-Black Rhino - Bike Back
(34)-Konshens - Do D Ting
(35)-Demarco - Nuh Whore
(36)-Merital - Money (Ha Ha Ha)
(37)-Aidonia Ft. Tarrus Riley - Low Di Trees
(38)-Vybz Kartel - Go Go Club
(39)-Devra Bratt - Neva Ask Her (Go Go Club Conteraction)
(40)-Aidonia - No Licking It
(41)-Aidonia - Mood For Love
(42)-Dolla - Bag A Gal (New Artist)
(43)-Assassin - Treasure
(44)-Vybz Kartel - The Story Of
(45)-Mavado - She Beat Him
(46)-Serani - Refuse
(47)-Stein - Tek Weh
(48)-Bugle - All Mi A Pree
(49)-Demarco - Yuh Youth Inna Hand
(50)-Elephant Man - From You Born
(51)-Wayne Wonder - My Life
(52)-Chase Cross - Warn Dem
(53)-Stein - Gun Dung
(54)-Aidonia - Death Trap
(55)-Aidonia - Bolt Action
(56)-Aidonia - Rifle A Bark
(57)-Aidonia Ft. Suvertu - Wi Siiiiiiiick
(58)-Busy Signal - Any How Dem Diss
(59)-Mavado - Sting Dem
(60)-Laden - Si Dem A Pree
(61)-Assassin - Nah Sell Out
(62)-Chino - Who God Bless
(63)-Elephant Man - Shell Dung
(64)-Busy Signal - Rubba Waist
(65)-Matterhorn - Dash It Out
(66)-Voicemail - Before Yu Pickney
(67)-Aidonia - Supm Fi Yu

Ascap Daily Brief

Begging for Dollars

Today we’ll look at the meme that says artists should no longer try to make money off of their works, because in a virtual world they have no ownership of those works. We should take those works as we like and they can live off of other sources of income, including charity, i.e., a donation link on their web site. Fans who appreciate their work can pay them directly, avoiding the evil middle man.
Someone far wiser than me has shared her thoughts on the donation link with the world, and I would like to share her thoughts here. I have spent my adult life trying to emulate the lessons of Miss Manners, aka Judith Martin. Her latest column has a letter from a “moderately successful novelist” who has been convinced by her “friends” to put a “Donate” button on her web site. “I wasn’t initially comfortable with the idea of asking my fans to support me beyond buying my books — that ought to be plenty — but I eventually agreed, and it did help,” she writes. Still, after two years she remains uncomfortable with it, even as her “friends” are more insistent she continue to do this.
I ask Ms. Martin’s indulgence in quoting her entire response; she is so eloquent and clear with her writing that any paraphrasing would be an insult. The entire column is on The Washington Post web site:
As a novelist, you undoubtedly have a high respect for the correct use of words to reveal truth. And yet Miss Manners fears that you have adopted a euphemism to disguise from yourself the truth of what you have been doing.
“Donations” are given to institutions or charities that do good works. Individuals may earn money, as you do in selling books; they may receive it through grants to do work; they may inherit it; they may be given it in lieu of presents; they may find it on the street.
But the act of asking others to give you money simply because you are needy is called begging. It requires a sacrifice of pride, and therefore self-respecting people resort to it only if they are totally destitute.
The next time you tell a creator that you want their work without paying for it, but that they should get with the times and provide a way for you to donate to them if you feel so motivated, please keep in mind that the creator may in fact be schooled in good manners and not feel comfortable creating art in this economic model. Of course, that would require you to be able to see a situation from another’s perspective, and if you insist on having access to their creative work in ways they don’t agree with it’s already clear you are incapable of such perspective.
Oh, and Miss Manners has an unrelated gem from the same column. She tells a separate letter-writer “Miss Manners hopes you do not discover that being right does not always settle a marital argument.” Good advice for all husbands!


50 Cent ft Gucci Mane Crime Wave Remix

Look like 50 Cent headed in the right direction now, he know who the hottest one out right now. Especially if he plan to sell some units down south. Hopefully this make the album, because the original version was wack to me!
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sF3m85qADwU&feature=related
the original version:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRa9iqO_WCg&feature=related

Then check out my man Joel Ortiz rip it too!
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZsxMW2Eo1s

Its another guy Bankz out there with a version, Hmmm.


DJ P Exclusivez & Tracy T - Terminator Season

Tracy T just released a mixtape along with DJ P Exclusive, check it out here just follow the link.

Mixtape Link: http://mixtapetorrent.com/dj-p-exclusivez-tracy-t-terminator-season

Your Digital Record Offers Alternative To ITunes LP

The album is not dead; it's just evolving. iTunes LP is one iteration, but it's not the only one. Recently launched Your Digital Record offers artists and labels another branch of album's evolutionary tree with a (currently) free platform that transforms albums from mere digital files into an interactive multimedia bundle.
Now in beta, artists and labels can:
  • image from c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.comproduce interactive digital albums by uploading tracks, liner notes, artwork, pictures, videos and other media in an online "studio."
  • share digital albums through embedded code, links and email as a widget
  • link users to any digital or physical music store for purchase 
  • accept donations from fans directly via PayPal connect with fans and receive review. 
image from www.idsnews.comSeveral top indie artist like Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings have uploaded content and are using it virally. "iTunes’ work with iTunes LP and "Cocktail" is very similar to our idea," admits the site's Chris Connell, "but we expect that there will need to be a place for all artists to curate their own complete digital albums, not just those that are selected by iTunes or have the money to dish out."


How Hip-Hop Will Survive in the Next Music Industry

The music industry is dead, and the how come doesn't matter. The question now is what next? How does an artist eat in an environment like this where record sales have dropped 20% since last year?
For rock bands, touring and merchandising will become more important than ever. Eventually they will be begging you to download their music for free, as long as you promise to pay 50 in damage for the live show and cop a T-shirt on your way out.
Rap acts though don't tour too tough. However, compared to the rockers, emcees are better suited to survive this new industry fallout. Ever since Diddy declared that anyone who questions how a rapper makes money is a "player hater", it's been open season for even the most indie leaning emcee to appear in commercials and have his own sneaker. Muscicians in other genres have to walk a fine line of art and commerce so they don't offend their fanbase. However, in hip-hop, the number of endorsements you score is part of your marketing plan.
Now, some see this and think there is too much commercialism in hip-hop. Me? I don't think there is enough.
From Sprite to Scion I see corporate sponsors as the new (or the first?) patrons of hip-hop. Back in the day, before recorded music and record labels, musical masters relied on patrons to front them while they made their art. In return for their investment, the wealthy patrons gained a higher social status by being linked to the incredible artists they fronted. Also, they would retain the artist to perform at their parties and write special dedications for themselves or family.
Now, doesn't that sound like how Reebok paid for the pairing of 50 Cent and Jay-Z or how  Boost Mobile did the same with Kanye, Ludacris, and The Game?
I'm not mad at any of those examples, because despite the money that's flowing I think hip-hop does a good job of holding to two rules that makes sure the commerce doesn't harm the art:
Rule # 1. Commercials are clearly commercials. Sprite has never tried to pass off one of their famous freestyle spots as an authentic, spontaneous, off-the-top endorsement by a rapper.
Rule # 2. Art is clearly art.  When Busta told Pharrell to "Pass the Courvoisier", I don't think he was considering a deal with that liquor brand, even if one came after the fact. He name dropped because it sounded hot, and that's it.
The only pass a rapper can get on rule #2 is if he owns the product he's pushing. Self-promotion is straight hip-hop.
I'm impressed with emcees like 50 Cent who has been able to remain independent and relevant and dangerous with his left hand, yet snatch coin from corporate America with his right. As 50 himself admitted in a Vibe Magazine interview, when asked about declining music sales industry wide, he said he doesn't care if less people buy the record, as long as they buy his clothing, vitamin water, videos game, and movies. 50 is in the business of selling a lifestlye, with music as the bait, a trick that Diddy and Jay-Z learnedlong ago.
By: Hashim from hiphopblogs


While I am on the Chuck D and Gucci let me post this new video, KRS-ONE & BUCKSHOT "ROBOT" MUSIC VIDEO.
video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8RqgDsO3c4

Chuck D diss Gucci Mane

Chuck D diss Gucci Mane over a statement he made about Jay Z. Well if I dont know any better everybody can voice there opinion rather, true or not. But get this he had to get his fan to donate money to make there 13th album. Well Damn! Guess Gucci one up on that. After millions sold Chuck you cant afford a 200 dollar mbox. I have 2 of them I will give you one mine. No disrespect, I was one of those walking to school blasting that Yo! Bum rush the show, in my walkman, thats a mini tape player for you (Ipod Babies), so it will be refreshing to me to here P.E. again on something new. But watch what bridges you burn, words of caution. I am not Gucci's number 1 fan, but he do rep the A. If you want to donate to P.E.'s new album Please click here.

Was that a Classy Move Shawty Low pulled.

Just want to know your opinion on this, Shawty Lo ask his ex to remove his pictures from her myspace page, then he turns around and put some shots of her up on his page in some not so promising positions. She did it out of respect for your relationship. So I would have expected you to come a little correct with the move you made. Remember that was your child mother, and how it will effect the child.

Flexx - Fresh 2k9 (Fagan Fraternity Prod)

Flex from the Bounty Killer's Alliance has switch it up on mi wid a new style. check it here. We see what he deal wit.

Flexx - Fresh 2k9 (Fagan Fraternity Prod)


Is Yo Gotti swagger jacking my artist!

I notice Yo Gotti just releash a song called Touch Down and want to know if he swagger jacking from somebody. i.e one of my artist, not saying a song cant have the same name, but you tell me.  www.myspace.com/secondseed check out my song then check out Gotti song here. http://www.mixtapetorrent.com/yo-gotti-touch-down
Let me know who have a hotter version or your opinion. Peace.



New York, didn't show my boy OJ no respect when he performed at B.B Kings. Its strange because every time I am in NYC, I hear all the local Atlanta music on the radio. But its all good on this end, because evidently someone like him enough to request him up there, so it is what it is. What comes around goes around, I stayed in both places, so I can listen to either or. But when your artist come to the A, and only 500 people in the club. 100 each from Bronx, Brooklyn and Harlem, hell you know the rest, don't say I didn't tell you so! here is that disrespectful footage!
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t95-Evh5h0s&feature=player_embedded

Had to repost Young Dro and link you to his mixtape!

Since they move Young Dro, mixtape to the number one spot, I had to keep you informed. First off his is the VIDEO: Young Dro - U Dont Know Bout It (New Music October 2009)
Here is the link to his new mixtape:

R. Kelly Today, Thursday, Oct 22 7:30p at Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA

R. Kelly

Today, Thursday, Oct 22 7:30p
at Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA
R. Kelly is taking place on Thursday, October 22, 2009 at Fox Theatre Egyptian Ballroon/Grand Salon (660 Peachtree Street) Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Purchase tickets online here.

Video:  R. Kelly Pussy Cry   had to put this one! R. Kelly Birthday Sex remix: R.Kelly Birthday sex

Soulja Boy, Mavado & Serani Had A Heroes Weekend - Montego Bay

Weekend gone was Heroes Weekend in Jamaica and some of the Alliance "giants" were out in full force representing the current generation of Jamaican Heroes

Serani, debut album No Games dropping next Tuesday the 27th, was the special guest at a special media all-weekend event organised by Jet Blue. The airline had invited 150 media, bloggers and tastemakers on a "Jet Blue Mystery Tour," where by the invitees turn up at the airport unaware of their destination until the last minute. All guests were put up at the luxurious Iberostar Grand Hotel in Rosehall, Montego Bay, and the Jamaican city that Jet Blue has just started to fly to.

Guests were treated to a five star weekend, culminating at an All-White party on the Sandals Cay Island off the Mobay coastline, with Serani as the surprise guest. About a minute into his performance, a rainstorm blasted the island but Serani used it to his advantage, jumped into the crowd, and had everyone doing the "call down the rain" dance. The vibes were unforgettable and were only stopped because the rain damaged the mic and he could sing no more, but his performance won him many fans and will certainly garner him great media coverage for his album release on October 27.


Daily ASCAP Brief

How Much Is Your Taste in Music Based on What Your Friends Like?

Do you think it’s possible that you might think you like certain bands only because your friends tell you they’re awesome, not because you actually enjoy their music? Have you ever used Pandora, the internet radio service that uses algorithms to guide you to music you might previously have thought you hated?

In the Sunday Magazine, an article called “The Song Decoders” examines how Pandora works to “strip to parts and reverse-engineer” your favorite songs by examining their acoustic elements. It also questions how much we’re influenced by other people’s tastes:

Pandora’s approach more or less ignores the crowd. It is indifferent to the possibility that any given piece of music in its system might become a hit. The idea is to figure out what you like, not what a market might like. More interesting, the idea is that the taste of your cool friends, your peers, the traditional music critics, big-label talent scouts and the latest influential music blog are all equally irrelevant. That’s all cultural information, not musical information. And theoretically at least, Pandora’s approach distances music-liking from the cultural information that generally attaches to it.

Which raises interesting questions. Do you really love listening to the latest Jack White project? Do you really hate the sound of Britney Spears? Or are your music-consumption habits, in fact, not merely guided but partly shaped by the cultural information that Pandora largely screens out — like what’s considered awesome (or insufferable) by your peers, or by music tastemakers, or by anybody else? Is it really possible to separate musical taste from such social factors, online or off, and make it purely about the raw stuff of the music itself?

Students: Tell us about your favorite artists and what you think they might have in common musically. How much do you think your friends influence your taste? Do you think a service like Pandora could correctly choose music you would love?
By The Learning Network


ASCAP Daily Brief powered by The Dean's List (Daily ASCAP Report)

Are our cell phones in danger?
Recording industry seeks piracy lock on phones

Japanese body working with networks to lock out copiers  
By J Mark Lytle, Tokyo
Yah - I can't play those Billy Idol tracks you just pinged me, Giles...
Not content with suing music fans for copying their favorite music, the record industry has decided to go one step further and may install piracy-checking software in the music players themselves.
That's one possible plan under discussion by the Recording Industry of japans trying to form a consensus with various industry bodies and mobile phone operators.
Little snitch
The notion is that the RIAJ would work with the phone companies to get verification software on every handset. It could then 'phone home' every time the audio player is activated to check if a track was bought legally or not.
Inside sources say not only is such a move possible because the phone networks dictate what software appears on handsets in Japan, but that it's highly likely to be up and running by 2011.
Non-conformers beware
Exactly where that leaves people wanting to listen to ripped versions of CDs they own or even their own recordings is unclear, but we'd wager a hefty sum on them being left out in the cold.

Falcons Beat up on them Bears! 21-14

Not much of a sports person but my Falcons beat up on the Bears last night, at the Georgia Dome, improving theit record to 4-1.

While my Yellow jackets beat up on our favorite quarterback alumni, VA Tech. The way  Matt Ryan has been playing, we mike soon about the acrobats Mike Vick once contributed to our game.

oh yeah did you see how crazy those Tech fans were. Hope they all made it  back to there dorms safely. (wink wink)

Gucci mane has release new 3 new Cds

Gucci Mane has release 3 new cd's, seems like the world can't get enough of him, so he has went Global. With  DJ Drama & Guci mane - The Cold War( Guccimerica), DJ Scream & Gucci Mane- The Cold War (Great Brrritian) and DJ Holiday & Gucci Man- The Cold War (Brrrussia). These seems to be the Dj's that bring the best out of Gucci in there series of mix-tapes so he stuck with the formula. So for my Gucci fans here it is, even though he is in constant rotation on the radio. I had to show case one of Atlanta favorites.


download link:

DJ Scream & Gucci Mane- The Cold War (Great Brrritian)

download link:

DJ Holiday & Gucci Man- The Cold War (Brrrussia)

download link:


Hope you enjoy, downloads courtesy of www.mixtapetorrent.com. If you need a torrent to download them, try, www.bittorrent.com, I  like that one one the best, even-though there are others out there. Enjoy! SSIISONIT

Bringing something for my Reggae and Dancehall lovers this week!

1st up for all my culture lovers!
Here the download link:

Next I bring you! Culture Star- Dancehall vibes

download link: 


If you like these installments I can bring you something fresh and new from Jamaica every week!