Mexico defeats Venezuela 4-0 at GA Dome

Mexico revelers celebrated in the streets of Atlanta, after defeating Venezuela today at the Georgia Dome (4-0) in front of a sell out crowd, of 60 thousand. This was a friendly non-qualifying match between these two countries, that are bidding to play at the World Cup games in South Africa in 2010. Will this excitement generated tonight, give the city of Atlanta a better position to host the 2018 or 2022 match. What do you think?

What Happen to the group Rap group! YMC!

Can someone tell me what happen to the Rap Group from Atlanta YMC ? aka Young Mafia Clique. which consisted of member's, Breezy Ralph aka Young Playa Bud, Poonie and DJ Ronald. At one time it seems they were on the where to success, had 2 mix tapes that generated a good buzz, with hit songs like Fan Club, Let me hold some thing, when they was on Secondseed Records. Second Seed records put out two collaborations with the whole squad, on its NWA VOL 1 and NWA VOL 2 series mix tapes. They jumped ship from there and thought it would be greener pastures over at making moves records. What was told to me the were being force to sign record contacts and not all me members came to an agreement on the whole thing. They did record the song Swag walk with making moves, that garnered a little radio play on Hot 107.9 on its Battleground series show, ( however they never won), but YMC you tubes hits took off, with a group of people creating a dance for the song. They toured the Atlanta nightclub scene promoting the song, and it seems like record deals was in the making.

Now, I forward to 2009, and a song is being played they have in rotation in clubs, DA Long Way. I see it advertise as YMC, Stack Money Boyz, and Stack Money Boyz featuring YMC. I only see one of the original members performing, has the squad change and did not inform its following. Who knows, I will have some interviews from some members in the future. Until then you can check out some of their music at www.myspace.com/ymcdamafia.