Vacation over

Well I spent a few days in Virginia thought. I was getting away from the rain, however it followed me here and just like the last week I spent in Atlanta, I was stuck indoors. Anyway a getaway was good I needed that, school was getting to me in a bad way. Now next round I do my interns. Should I try at a recording studie to get the inside 411 or, do like my best instinct tell me and keep it in the streetz. Industry people already have enough people reporting on them anyway. So on that note if you have something good that's popping hit me up let me put it out there. Until I reach the Da A, tomorrow. Peace and enjoy life.


Who Swagger Jacked Da Long Way

A song caught some buzz in the streets, Da Long Way. It brought a new swagger to Atlanta new and a new saying. I will let you you be the judge, who is the originator!


What will happen to the Atlanta Music scenc now!

With the closing of Bowen Homes public housing project, will Atlanta music continue to flourish. I remember Kilo Ali first hit the radio with the song cocaine and put the Bowen Homes on the map. Now several years later others have followed pursuit, giving Atlanta the name (Motown of the South). Now its a new sound different area, same results. Tell me what you think. Will Atlanta continue to remain dominant, or will the music shift to another coast.