Tristan O'Brian Barnes more popularly known as T'NEZ was born in Truro Westmoreland on September 30, 1987. From the tender age of nine his remarkable ability to sing was discovered one evening while he was sitting on his mother's lap. He proceeded to sing a Celine Dion song and all those that were within earshot were astounded by the voice of this pre-teen and asked him to "sing di tune again." > He wrote his first song at age thirteen upon meeting friends at the Rusea's High School who shared his passion for music and performing. He subsequently did talent shows in his parish and neighbouring parishes where he received rave reviews. > Even though T'NEZ was focused on his music he never lost sight of his scholastic aspirations. He always maintained the belief that education would be his means of escaping his family's financial instability. This hunger for success and knowledge reflected greatly in his acquisition of eight (8) C.X.C. subjects and seven (7) units of Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (C.A.P.E.) Tristan O'Brian T'NEZ Barnes completed Rusea's High School's sixth form program and is now in his final year at the University of the West Indies pursuing a degree in Tourism Management. > On arriving in Kingston he was discovered by one of the Chief Executive Officers of the ticketing company Island Stubs; who had planned to officially launch his career. Mr Rohan Steele regrettably passed .. before he had a chance to see this through (R.I.P. Steele). > The music lived on thankfully and was discovered by Shotta T who asked T'NEZ to record a few tracks for Hotwire Studios. Subsequent to this T'NEZ sent a demo CD to Jordan Mcclure, one of Chimney Records' stalwart members. Fortunately, his music was felt by this producer who then became interested in T'Nez and was willing to work with him. Hereafter, T'NEZ met Jordan and begun working immediately, then the single "What's up money" was created. > This young man is well on his way to overcome adversity, his financial difficulties and simultaneously establishing himself as a part of the new wave of Dancehall Email Info:tnezmusic@gmail.com

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